domenica 17 febbraio 2019

"Sad Headbanger" Videoclip


the greatest italian director, Roberto Beani, produced a video masterpiece for the track "Sad Headbanger", from the upcoming album "Music For Sad Headbangers" (Midira Records) out on March 2019.

Produced by Roberto Beani
Director/Dop/Editing: Roberto Beani
Performer: Annapaola Crupi
Executive producer: Matteo Lionti
Drone operator: Vincenzo Esposito
Camera assistant: Simone Tacconelli
Grading: Roberto Beani

domenica 13 gennaio 2019

European Tour 2019

21/01/2019 Riserva Indie, Carrara (IT)
27/01/2019 Piano Terra, Milano (IT)
28/01/2019 Theater Am Gleis, Winterthur (CH)
29/01/2019 The Phrontistery, Luzern (CH)
30/01/2019 Eco del Nord, Liege (BE)
31/01/2019 Studio Patrick, Utrecht (NL)
01/02/2019 Bostival Indoor, Utrecht (NL)
02/02/2019 + Nadja, N+[BOLT], Werl, A-Sun Amissa, Zenjungle, Scatterwound @ Moving Noises Festival, ChristusKirche, Bochum (DE)
03/02/2019 Schute, Hamburg (DE)
04/02/2019 Madame Claude, Berlin (DE)
05/02/2019 Loophole, Berlin (DE)
06/02/2019 Basta, Gorlitz (DE)
07/02/2019 Vekks, Wien (A)
08/02/2019 MissKappa, Udine (IT)
09/02/2019 Ribalta, Vignola (IT)
21/02/2019 Fanfulla, Roma (IT)
22/02/2019 San Sepolcro (IT)
23/02/2019 w/ Tristan da Cunha, T-Trane, Perugia (IT)
28/02/2019 w/ Tristan da Cunha, Mikasa, Bologna (IT)
01/03/2019 w/ Tristan da Cunha, Spulla, Macerata (IT)
02/03/2019 w/ Tristan da Cunha, Klang, Roma (IT)
03/03/2019 w/ Tristan da Cunha, Ass. Mura Aperte, Massa (IT)
08/03/2019 Lubiani Conference Hall, Torino (IT)
09/03/2019 Velvet Club, Legnano (IT)
10/03/2019 +Jooklo XXL, Amm, Monteggiori (IT)
11/03/2019 djset +Jooklo XXL, Oso Secret Concert, Carrara (IT)
"Nothing is connected to everything" performance installation w/ Karin Pauer + Aldo Giannotti
20/04/2019 w/ Karin Pauer + Aldo Giannotti, Wien (A)
20/04/2019 w/ Karin Pauer + Aldo Giannotti, Wien (A)
21/04/2019 w/ Karin Pauer + Aldo Giannotti, Wien (A)
22/04/2019 w/ Karin Pauer + Aldo Giannotti, Wien (A)
23/04/2019 w/ Karin Pauer + Aldo Giannotti, Wien (A)
24/04/2019 w/ Karin Pauer + Aldo Giannotti, Wien (A)
25/04/2019 w/ Karin Pauer + Aldo Giannotti, Wien (A)
26/04/2019 w/ Karin Pauer + Aldo Giannotti, Donaufestival, Krems (A)
27/04/2019 w/ Karin Pauer + Aldo Giannotti, Donaufestival, Krems (A)
28/04/2019 w/ Karin Pauer + Aldo Giannotti, Donaufestival, Krems (A)
04/05/2019 + Dolpo, Giulio Aldinucci, Naresh Ran, Attilio Novellino & more @ Cave Fest IV, Carrara (IT)
15/06/2019 Rovelli Party, Massa (IT)

domenica 7 ottobre 2018

Giulio Aldinucci + The Star Pillow "HIDDEN"

My new album "Hidden" will be a collaboration with my great friend and fine artist Giulio Aldinucci. It will be released by Midira Records  on 23rd of November.
Preorder starts on 8th October here.

sabato 17 febbraio 2018


The new album "Symphony For An Intergalactic Brotherhood" will be released on 30th of March by the italian cult label Boring Machines in a refined vinyl edition, in a limited cd-r tour edition for Taverna Records and digital.
Mastering: Antonio Gallucci
Graphic Project: Nicola Quiriconi
Painting: Enrico Ruggeri
More news and Tour dates soon.

mercoledì 13 settembre 2017


THE STAR PILLOW is in the line-up of dutch festival Le Guess Who?, as part of 12-hour drone.
Here's the flyer.
See you in Utrecht on Sunday 12th of November!