venerdì 5 maggio 2017

THE STAR PILLOW / DAIMON Spring Tour (2nd part)

Today is the release date of the new album Invisible Summer via Midira Records
Get your cd copy here or digital here. Or come to my shows, i've got cds and the new merchandising! 

06/05 The Star Pillow @ Frame, La Spezia (IT)

08/05 The Star Pillow @ Riserva Indie, Carrara (IT)

14/05 DAIMON, Thisquietarmy, Nobushira and more, Cave Fest II @ Bar Pepper, Massa (IT)

17/05 DAIMON @ Helsinki Club, Zurich (CH)

19/05 The Star Pillow + Balestrazzi/Quiriconi + DuChamp @ Geyger, Berlin (DE)

20/05 The Star Pillow/M.Kardinal + Balestrazzi/Quiriconi @ XB Liebig, Berlin (DE)

21/05 DAIMON + Skrei + William Basinski @ Hangar 49, Berlin (DE)

22/05 DAIMON + Skrei + William Basinski @ Hangar 49, Berlin (DE)

23/05 DAIMON, Kiste, Munich (DE)

26/05 The Star Pillow, Rifugio Anti Aereo, DMT performance, Massa (IT)

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